What about remote viewing?

I’m going to leave the servers used to facilitate remote viewing up for now so that previous buyers can continue to use the features I sold them. However, because those servers have an ongoing cost associated with them it would be financially disastrous if I were to charge nothing while opening the app up to a wider audience. If you are one of those still using streaming, don’t upgrade from 2.2.4. Streaming is removed in 2.3.

I have plans to add streaming back to the free version in the future, probably with a modest subscription fee to cover the costs of operation, but before I do that there are a number of enhancements I want to have done including push notifications, a peer to peer model for navigating NAT, and better quality video streaming. In addition, if there is more traffic, I’m going to need to have load balancers and so on in place. That’s a lot of work for one guy. So please bear with me. 🙂

Why free?

OnCue was started as a side project while I was in graduate school. The first version was a rough GUI for manipulating your iSight camera. As time went on it became not only a more refined product but also something I had grown to be proud of having developed totally solo. However, sales never really reached the point where I could support myself off of it despite different marketing attempts. The business side of things was never a strength of mine, I really just enjoy developing. So, while making OnCue available for free may be yet another flawed business strategy, I’ve decided that I would rather see my software used by many more people. I’ve heard one too many stories where people have told me “You know, if your software had been running at the time…”. It’s security software. I use it daily. And I hope that by making it free, you will too. Download it here.