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    Use your iSight or USB camera as a motion detector. Set a trigger, and it will record video when anything trips it. Easily set it to record to your Dropbox or any cloud service and access captured activity from the web!

Motion and Sound Detection

OnCue turns your Mac into a motion and / or sound activated surveillance system.

Stupid Simple Security

Set a trigger and let OnCue do the rest. You can set an audio trigger or a motion trigger, set the activity threshold and wait for something to happen. Set it to save to Dropbox (or any other cloud syncing service), and your video gets uploaded to the cloud where it's safe. If your laptop ever gets stolen (heaven forbid! 😬) with OnCue running, you'll have video evidence of the crime!

Full Control

Put your camera on a schedule or cycle its power state to conserve power or reduce the chance an intruder notices the camera is on. Control the recording quality to conserve disk space or for higher quality videos. OnCue has lots of customizable flexibility to fit your specific needs! Any requests? Feel free to drop us a line, we're adding new features all the time!


A few shots of OnCue in use.


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OnCue is available in the Mac App Store as well as by direct download.
Both builds are the same and distributed under the same conditions: the license is for personal use on any number of machines.

OnCue is built for OS X 10.10 and above.